Monday, 28 September 2015

Happy Birthday to my Libra

My husband's birthday is September 29th. He is my Libra. We celebrated tonight because he will be on a train to Toronto tomorrow after work. 

His parents treated us to dinner at Dolcetto, one of our favourite restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed our meals: individual pizzas for my husband and his Dad, squash risotto for his Mum and roasted salmon salad for me. All were tasty choices.

Afterwards, we returned to our house where my parents joined us for birthday cake with candles. Cake and candles are part of every birthday without exception in our family.

Happy Birthday to my Libra with love. Cheers to another great year.

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  1. We enjoyed our supper out together and the birthday cake - Happy Birthday to Lee for tomorrow! Good pictures!

  2. It was a wonderful cake Beth, do have a great birthday tomorrow Lee even if you are working.