Thursday, 24 September 2015

Crochet Cat Bum Coasters

Last week a friend shared photos of Crochet Cat Bum Coasters she had made. I laughed when I saw them, but couldn't resist making some too. 

Even though I have been busy trying to clear out my stash of cotton yarn, I ended up buying more to make these coasters. My stash was short on 'cat' colours, plus I needed pale pink for the bum holes. When I got home, I realized my pale pink yarn was perfume scented. 

I normally avoid perfume scented things, but thought it added to the fun of this coaster. These are literally smelly Crochet Cat Bum Coasters. I chuckle picturing people checking it out by taking a whiff. 

I think these Crochet Cat Bum Coasters are rather cute and sure to be a hit with all the cat lovers out there. 

These coasters are a quick and easy project. In case you might like to make some too, I have included the pattern link below. Enjoy!!
I followed this pattern by blogger Sally at My Yarn Spot. I used Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn in a variety of 'cat-like' colours. The bum holes were made using pale pink yarn. I used a 4.5 mm crochet hook, instead of the suggested 4.25 mm. The coaster circle measures 3.5" across. 

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  1. I heard the last person that made these coasters got lots of photos of people's cat bums - hope that doesn't get repeated.