Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Where to Start?

I have completed so many wonderful projects over the past 3 years, I'm not sure where to start. Should I start with my first project and move forward or my current project and go back? I considered starting this blog in 2012 but was reluctant to take time away from doing crochet to write about crochet.  I have taken photos though and kept track of the links for the patterns in case you want to try them too. 

So where will I start?  I think I will start with my current project.  

I am making an adorable crochet bear using the Buttercup Bear pattern posted by blogger Yellow, Pink and Sparkly.  In 2012, I made this bear using yellow Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn.  Now I am using Bernat Alpaca natural blend yarn in Tundra (dark brown) which makes quite a different looking bear.  I will post photos once I finish the new brown bear. I think it will make a nice gift for our new grandchild due any day now.
Buttercup Bear
My daughter was the one who suggested I start crocheting toys.  I was reluctant to try until I found this Paddington Bear pattern created by Yellow, Pink and Sparkly.  I thought it was adorably perfect and couldn't wait to make it.  It was so much fun, I made a few.  You can see how changing the colours and yarn give different looks.  
Boyington Bear and Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear Undressed

Boyington Bear Undressed

Boyington Bear

Paddington Bear #2
I had a bit of fun with the grey bear and called him "Boyington Bear" for my grandson who shares the same last name.  I think my next post should cover the story of making a storybook for my grandson featuring Boyington Bear and all his pals. 

Time to get back to brown bear making for our granddaughter (or grandson).  We don't know if our daughter is having a girl or a boy but I'm guessing girl. Almost everybody else is guessing boy. I wonder if I'm right? I'll be sure to post about it once 'she' is born.


  1. Great work on the bears, the grandkids are lucky to have such a fine grandmother to make these treasures.

  2. That's lovely, Beth. Natalie will be so happy to have you and Grandma there for support when the baby comes -- very soon.

    1. Thanks. It'll be really super if she has the baby while we're there.