Saturday, 25 January 2014

Exciting News

I know I said my next post should cover the story of making a storybook for my grandson featuring Boyington Bear and all his pals but I have some really Exciting News I'd rather mention. Boyington Bear will have to wait for now.  

My daughter is due to have a baby any day now in Boulder, CO. Actually her due date is February 12th but the doctor says it could be sooner. They moved to Boulder from California less than a year ago so have no family in Boulder. Her hubby's brother will be arriving February 8th and his sister will be visiting soon after which means there will be plenty of help if the baby waits until the due date. My husband, son and I are booked to visit for March Break to see the new baby which will be wonderful BUT that's not my Exciting News.

The Exciting News is that I decided just this week that I want to visit before everybody else arrives to spend some quality one-on-one time with my grandson and stay with him in case the baby arrives early. I want my daughter to have her hubby at the hospital to support her through labour. If this baby arrives before her hubby's brother shows up then he would be at home with their 3 year old instead of at the hospital. I think labour is challenging enough without having to face it alone.

Now the really, super fantastic Exciting News is that my daughter suggested my Mom come too and was able to book her on the same flights using airmiles points. How great is that? My husband couldn't get time off work right now so I was planning to travel alone. I'm sure I could manage but it will be much more fun with my Mom. Besides I don't think we've gone on a trip together since I was a teenager which was many, many years ago. 

Also, if my daughter does have her baby while we're there, I can be at the hospital too. I think that's amazing and something I never thought possible. Even if she doesn't have the baby, we will have a great time hanging out together and playing with my grandson. I must say I'm really looking forward to our trip next week.

I did promise to show you the brown bear once I finished it.  I think it turned out super cute and is super soft and cuddly for our new grandchild. Some technical stuff for the crafters out there - for this brown bear, I used Bernat Alpaca natural blend yarn in Tundra, hook size 4.5. The pattern was posted by blogger Yellow, Pink and Sparkly and can be found here.

Brown Bear (15")
I also made a mini brown bear which is very cute and fits into small hands quite nicely.  I used the same yarn and hook size 4.5 for this bear as well.  This pattern was created by blogger By Hook, By Hand and can be found here.  She makes the most amazing dolls and clothes in both crochet and knit.  I am amazed at what she can do. 

Mini Brown Bear (7")
Well that was my Exciting News.  Now I just have a week to wait.  In the meantime, I think I need another crochet project to make time fly until my Mom and I fly.