Thursday, 5 January 2017

More Crochet Dishcloths

In December I bought three large balls of Handicrafter cotton yarn in white, off white and fruit punch (mix of purple, blue, green and white) to make More Crochet Dishcloths. After spending several months practicing floor sitting at home, my supply of hand-made gifts was running low. Floor sitting helps increase functional strength, but I was never comfortable enough on the floor to feel like crocheting. 

It took me four weeks to crochet my way through all three balls from the comfort of my comfy cozy couch. Two folded dishcloths tied together with twine make a pretty little hand-made gift. 

I made 17 dishcloths from each of the larger 14 oz (710 yd) balls and 14 dishcloths from the smaller 12 oz (608 yd) variegated ball for a total of 42 dishcloths or 21 gifts. Sometimes people ask if I intend to sell things I make. It is difficult to place a value on hand-made items. In this case, the yarn cost $33 total, so only $1.55 plus two hours of my time for each bundle. If I were to sell these, my time would be worth very little.  

I read this quote by Pablo Picasso recently: "The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." No wonder I enjoy crocheting things to give away. 

A few of these dishcloths were given away over Christmas. I took photos of the rest to show you. I am happy to have topped up my supply. I am truly happy to be crocheting again, even if it means less floor sitting.
A pattern is provided at the bottom of my post titled Back to Crochet if you would like to make some dishcloths too.

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  1. Thanks for our nice white dishcloths - I'll try to keep them white! (haha)