Sunday, 11 September 2016

Puppy in Training

We drove to Guelph yesterday to visit our son and his new Puppy in Training for Autism Dog Services (ADS). He is a 10 week old black lab. His proper name is Ajax, but our son calls him Jax. 

Jax is adorable and so well behaved already. We took him with us to the Wellington Country Marketplace near Guelph where he donned his ADS cape and wandered about posing for photos. As a Puppy in Training for ADS, this cape grants him access to places most dogs are not welcome.
Back at the house, Jax loved his new toy - a bear stuffed with empty water bottles. This gift from my parents keeps him happily occupied.
For dinner, we decided to try a restaurant nearby York Rd Kitchen and Chocolate Bar. We all piled into our son's car. The back seat in his Matrix is surprisingly spacious and comfy. Jax sat in front enjoying the view.
At the restaurant, Jax settled down at our feet before falling asleep. He was tired after a busy afternoon visiting the market and playing with his new toy. Jax slept right through dinner. What a good boy.
Jax has been with our son for almost a week already. I think they make a great team. He loves taking care of Jax. I am impressed with how he is managing his time with two jobs and a puppy. He's busy, but very happy with his Puppy in Training. All is good in Guelph these days.

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely afternoon and we are so glad Jax enjoyed his toy. Great pictures.

  2. Ajax has such an intelligent looking face - from the size of his paws, he is going to be a big dog.