Monday, 5 September 2016

Picture This

Today I tackled a job I have been putting off for ages. I finally cleaned our Natural Light patio cover and our second floor window screens. 

A paper wasp nest from last year which had been re-purposed as a bird's nest had fallen in the corner a couple months ago making a terrible mess of both the patio cover and our window screens over time. 

The ladder was not high enough for me to clamber on top of the patio cover. I used it to carry the bucket, hose and squeegee up placing them on the corner ready to use. I figured I could climb out the window.
Picture This - I managed to squeeze through this gap perching on the rough brick window ledge but then I was stuck. My feet didn't reach the patio cover. I'm not good with heights, so I was afraid to jump. I couldn't climb back in because, like I said, it was a tight fit. I didn't want to risk breaking the window. I just needed someone to bring me a stool to put under my feet. Unfortunately, my husband was working on cars in front of the house. To get his attention, I sat on the ledge yelling his name which made our poodle bark. I couldn't help but see the humour in my predicament.
Thank goodness our neighbour Judy heard my cries and came to the rescue relaying a message to my husband. After some discussion my husband brought me this stool which did the trick. I managed to climb down to clean our patio cover. These photos were taken after cleaning. I love how it looks all shiny and new again.
It took a fair amount of scrubbing with the squeegee, mop, hose and microfiber wipes, but it was worth the effort. I'm so glad I finally worked up the nerve to get this job done. 

I hope you're all enjoying a happy and safe holiday weekend too. 

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  1. It does look lovely Beth and I would not have tackled that job I hate heights. Good work.

    1. Thank you for passing me the mop and for cutting our grass while I was busy cleaning... much appreciated.

  2. Looks good! You couldn't pay me enough to do that job!!