Friday, 8 April 2016

Teal Dreams Ripple Blanket

This year, I intended to crochet using yarn from my stash. Instead, when my daughter suggested her sister-in-law who is due to have a baby any day might like a ripple blanket and praised the Sweet Summer Ripple Blanket I made for her two years ago, I couldn't resist. I rushed out to buy yarn in colours to match the nursery - teal, grey and white. I bought three shades of teal, three shades of grey and two shades of white for a total of eight different colours. I committed to making another Ripple Blanket.

This blanket took about two weeks to make. It was finished a couple days ago. I waited for a sunny day to take photos. 

I was considering calling it "Shades of Grey and Teal", but decided Teal Dreams Ripple Blanket was more appropriate. This combination of colours looks so calm and soothing. I love it.
Changing colours for each stripe creates a lot of ends to weave in and cut.
I love how mesmerizing stripey ripples look. I used approximately 1.5 balls of each colour, adding the rest to my stash. 
The blanket is folded and ready to go, although it will probably be months before it gets to California. We will take it with us when we visit our daughter in Boulder this summer. Our daughter and her husband travel to California regularly. Hopefully it will get there by next winter.

To make this blanket, I followed free instructions covering Ripple Blanket Know How posted by blogger Lucy at Attic24. I love all of Lucy's colourful crochet ripple blankets. Her brilliant colour combinations inspire me.

Technical details for this Teal Dreams Ripple Blanket are listed below for the crocheters out there who might like to make one too. 

Starting Chain - 157 (14x11+3)
Finished Size - 44"x62"
2 rows per stripe 
54 stripes
8 colours
Time to Complete - Approximately 30 hours (30 mins per stripe + border)

Patons Canadiana 100% worsted weight acrylic yarn:
2 balls (100 g/3.5 oz) of each colour
  • Pale Teal 
  • Medium Teal 
  • Dark Teal 
  • Pale Grey Mix
  • Medium Grey Mix 
  • Toasty Grey
  • Winter White
  • White
Hook size - 5 mm

Stripe Colours in this Teal Dreams Ripple Blanket:
  1. Pale Teal
  2. White
  3. Pale Grey Mix
  4. Dark Teal
  5. Medium Grey Mix
  6. Medium Teal
  7. Toasty Grey
  8. Winter White
  9. Toasty Grey
  10. Pale Teal
  11. Medium Teal
  12. Dark Teal
  13. Pale Grey Mix
  14. Winter White
  15. Medium Grey Mix
  16. White
  17. Medium Grey Mix
  18. Pale Teal
  19. Dark Teal
  20. Medium Teal
  21. Pale Grey Mix
  22. Toasty Grey
  23. Winter White
  24. White
  25. Toasty Grey
  26. Pale Grey Mix
  27. Medium Teal
  28. Dark Teal
  29. Pale Teal
  30. Medium Grey Mix
  31. Winter White
  32. White
  33. Medium Grey Mix
  34. Winter White
  35. Pale Grey Mix
  36. Dark Teal
  37. Medium Teal
  38. Pale Teal
  39. Toasty Grey
  40. Winter White
  41. Toasty Grey
  42. Medium Teal
  43. Medium Grey Mix
  44. Dark Teal
  45. Pale Grey Mix
  46. White
  47. Pale Grey Mix
  48. Dark Teal
  49. Medium Grey Mix
  50. Winter White
  51. Medium Teal
  52. Pale Grey MIx
  53. White
  54. Pale Teal
Border Colours:
Round 1: Pale Teal
Round 2: White
Round 3: Medium Teal

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