Monday, 11 April 2016

Celebrating April Birthdays

In our family, we celebrate two birthdays together - my Mum-In-Law's (Friday) and my Dad's (Sunday). We invited our parents for dinner on Saturday the day between their birthdays. 

We love celebrating family birthdays with dinner and cake. My husband barbecued despite frigid cold temperatures. Brrrrr .... it was unusually cold for this time of year. We gathered in our warm kitchen starting the evening with wine, sushi and conversation.

For dinner we served pork chops, potatoes (baked cut-side down in butter and Parmesan), broccoli and brussel sprouts (both baked with a sprinkling of cheese). Mmmm cheese really does make everything better.

This year, we selected a tiramisu cake from Real Canadian Superstore. The candles were blown out in one go, unlike last year when we laughed over a few failed attempts.

Cheers and Best Wishes to our parents for a fabulous year ahead.

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  1. Lovely! Happy Birthday from the Bishendens!

  2. It was a wonderful dinner Beth and Lee and we always enjoy the family time, you make it very special.

  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes, gifts and the delicious supper and for braving the cold, Lee, to cook the pork chops. We enjoyed the cake and cheese was a great addition to the vegetables - must try that.