Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Reddy Fox Tah-Dah!

Last week after making two fox hats to send to our grandchildren, I was inspired to make a fox. I started with the head, hood and ears. Making a foxy-looking ear was challenging, but I finally figured it out. 

Over the weekend, I finished and attached the ears, legs and body. 

I have also been busy preparing for a month-long vacation in Cuba, so didn't expect to have time to finish until my return. My long to-do list included laundry, packing, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, toilet scrubbing and re-packing yet again. Packing for a month with bikes plus lots of extra things to donate to a school cycling program in Las Tunas takes extra care and planning. Happily, I made it through my list so I could crochet Monday night. Phew, I actually finished. 

Allow me to introduce the newest addition to my crochet critters collection of free patterns... Reddy Fox Tah-Dah! 
Reddy Fox loved posing for photos this morning before I left for work.

I'm so pleased I finished Reddy Fox in time to share photos and a pattern before we leave. If you would like to make one too, you can find my Reddy Fox pattern here.

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  1. Reddy is adorable Beth, have lots of fun in Cuba but be careful.

    1. Thank you and, yes, we are always careful. See you in 4 wks.