Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Plans for 2016

My Plans for 2016 are simple. I plan to enjoy my day-to-day life and creativity without setting any specific goals. My plans include lots of activities that feel good. In short, my Plans for 2016 will focus on fun. 

I will continue to crochet, just not as much. Although I love to crochet, I also love to be active. Crochet projects necessarily involve many hours of sitting. I find myself wanting to move more; not join a gym or anything regimented, just more movement than crochet provides.

Last year, I added a Free Crochet Patterns page to the blog then added links to patterns I created throughout the year. It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. This year, I have added a Previous Posts page. It lists all of my posts by title in reverse date order. This page makes it easy to find posts you may have missed. I also added a Total Pageviews counter to the right side bar. It's nice to know people are actually visiting my blog. 

I will continue to blog because I love writing, but probably not as often. For the past two years, I have written more than one post per week which is amazing considering I work full time. This year we are taking a month off to vacation in Cuba. We have never been away for a whole month. In a way, this trip is practice for retirement. We plan to travel when we retire in a few years and want to see how we manage being away for so long. 

Luckily our parents are retired and able to take care of our house and pets for us. Their help makes this trip possible. We are truly grateful.

am looking forward to a tech-free holiday involving lots of movement combined with plenty of relaxation. For entertainment, I am taking my bike, journal, sketch pad, a couple books, and snorkel and fins. 

Last year, I enjoyed keeping a journal on our Canbicuba Bike Tour in Cuba. It helped me remember what we had done so I could share it on the blog. If you missed it, you can read about that trip here. I plan to journal again this year and share our travel tales when we return. 
This trip will be different though. We will be staying at an all-inclusive resort Club Amigo Marea del Portillo for a whole month. We plan to explore on our bikes within a 50 km range of the resort. We started training for this trip with indoor biking in December, but my efforts have not been as intense or as structured as last year. 

I want to keep biking so I can ride comfortably without getting a sore butt as tends to happen after an extended break. On the other hand, we won't have the same pressure to keep up with a group or cover set distances. Our pace can be relaxed and distances vary depending on how we feel. We won't have a bus providing bottled water or 'free' rides, so we have to ride smart. It's exactly the sort of riding I love. Yes, I'm excited already.

I am also planning to get back into sketching once I am away from on-line distractions. It's a great way to relax and something I loved doing as a kid.
I haven't read a book in ages, so I'm looking forward to reading these two.
I also haven't snorkeled in ages. It'll be fun getting back in the water.
Writing about our plans for Cuba, makes me realize I am totally looking forward to this trip.

These days, I prefer to make plans rather than set goals. My Plans for 2016 are on track for making this an awesome year at meo my crochet.

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  1. We hope you have a wonderful safe holiday.

    1. Thank you and thanks so much for taking care of everything at home for us. We really appreciate it.