Friday, 31 July 2015

Random Act of Kindness

Riding home from work yesterday, I received a Random Act of Kindness from a stranger. I noticed a man in the park and thought he looked familiar. When he called out, I stopped. Turns out he looked familiar because I see him all the time while riding home.

Peter Li is a professional photographer. He rides his bike through the city and parks and captures the most amazing photos. He showed me some of his work on i-pads he carries in his backpack. I especially love his bird shots. When I got home, I looked up his portfolio. It's impressive.

Yesterday, Peter asked to take some pictures of me. He often sees me riding and liked my colourful LCW jersey and cool bike. I was so happy to be asked, I couldn't help smiling for my mini photo shoot. 

Peter sent me copies of all seven photos. I love them. I feel differently about my Costco clunker now. It is performing above and beyond expectations. I wanted a 'worry-free' ride to work and I got it. 

The bottom bracket clicks and clunks with each pedal stroke, yet works just fine. I actually welcome the noise, as it reminds me why I no longer fear my bike will be stolen. Thanks to a Random Act of Kindness, I can truly appreciate and celebrate my Costco clunker. 

Thank you Peter Li for generously sharing your photos with me.

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  1. Winter project for me: replace $2 bottom bracket with something a bit better.

  2. That is great, it shows how generosity of spirit has its own wings even with a faulty bottom bracket

  3. They are lovely pictures Beth and very kind of him to take them.