Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day and a Birthday

Today we celebrated Father's Day at our Sister-In-Law's house. She and our niece invited the Dads in our family for a delicious lunch featuring chicken and ribs from King of Pigs, fries, cheesy bread, two kinds of salad, corn on the cob and Arizona beans. It was delicious.

The Dads posed for a photo - my Dad, my husband's Dad and my husband. His brother is in England on business, so we included his portrait drawn by his daughter some 20'ish years ago. Cheers to these great Dads.
The men at the table were gifted stick-on mustaches. They enjoyed showing off their new looks while we all laughed.
Even our niece's boyfriend looked funny good with a black mustache.
We enjoyed meeting James who just happened to be celebrating his 30th birthday. My Sister-In-Law made a super delicious ice cream cake for the occasion. She makes the best cakes. Truly.
Father's Day and a Birthday - a fun and relaxing family day. Thanks to our Sister-In-Law and niece for hosting. 

Thanks to our Dads for being in our lives and our children's lives. Thanks to my husband for your love and support. Our children and grandchildren are lucky to have you as their Dad and Granddad. 

You probably don't hear it enough, so I want you ALL to know, you are very much Loved and Appreciated. Happy Father's Day!!

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