Thursday, 22 January 2015

Two More Sleeps

Two more sleeps and we're off to Cuba on a 2-week bike tour called "A Tribute to Celia Sanchez" with CanBiCuba. We did this tour five years ago so I have a good idea what to expect. If you're interested you can check out our photos from that trip here.

I am so looking forward to a total change of scenery and routine but I'm also a little worried about my fitness and ability to manage the hills and distances. We have been spending 45 mins to an hour on our indoor trainers a few times a week but it does not compare to riding every day for hours outside in the heat. I think that's what makes it so exciting - challenge combined with uncertainty. 

I started packing about two weeks ago and went through everything again last weekend. We can hand wash clothing but things don't always dry overnight and we're on the move almost every day. My challenge is to keep it light and easy to organize but still have everything I need. 
I've been reading about minimalism and wondering how to implement some of the concepts into our lives. This trip provides a good opportunity to practice. There is no way I can travel with only a backpack while biking, hiking, swimming and dressing casually for dinner. After taking this photo I removed 3 pairs of socks but everything else is staying. I think I've done a good job keeping it simple. I'll see how it goes and make adjustments for future trips. 

While we are away, I will be taking a break from technology and crochet. Internet access is unreliable and expensive on this trip so I'm leaving my laptop behind. I could pack some hooks and yarn but I won't. I plan to socialize and rest when I'm not riding. I wonder if I'll get bored? Maybe I'll pack a book and a little journal just in case.

We are taking a camera but only our little waterproof camera - all part of keeping it simple and easy to carry. I'll be sure to share a few photos and highlights from our trip. 

Before I go, I have a couple more exciting things to share with you. 

This week, for the first time, I decided to crochet a doll without a pattern. I am, in fact, writing the pattern as I go. Even though it's a bit of a creative stretch for me, I am thoroughly enjoying the process. Here is a sneak-peek photo of what I've done so far.
I have finished the legs and body and plan to work on the head next then the arms. I will be sure to show you the finished doll and share the pattern when I get back as I'm pretty sure it won't be done before then. 

OK, here is the last bit of exciting news. I saved the best for last. My Mom and I have booked a trip to Boulder to visit my daughter and her family for a week in March. We traveled together last winter and had a fabulous time. You can read all about that trip here. I can't wait to do it again. I am totally excited and happy to fit in another family visit.

So now I'm back to wondering how I'll manage those hills and long rides in Cuba. Just Two More Sleeps. Wish me luck. 

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  1. Have a wonderful time, Beth and Lee.

  2. Enjoy the complete change of pace (or does the word 'pace' remind you of those Cuban hills! Stay safe!

  3. The important thing about this trip is to be safe and have fun.

  4. Canadians have more freedom than USamericans. The nearest I will ever get to Cuba is