Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Crochet Contemplation

In June I decided to use up my Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn scraps. Over the past three years I have collected a variety of colours left over from my many projects. Cotton yarn scraps are perfect for kitchen flower scrubbies and dish cloths.  I provided links to my favourite patterns in this post

Once I finished the flower scrubbies, I started working on dishcloths. I've been making crochet dishcloths for over a month now. It is a very easy pattern that requires very little thought or attention. A pattern like this gives me time to think. It's my cherished crochet contemplation time. 

I love it but I'm getting just a little bit bored with dishcloths and I keep finding more Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn scraps among my stash. As you can see, I still  have a sizable pile.
I gave away three sets of scrubbies and dish cloths but still have five sets left plus two copper scrubbers I plan to make into yellow sunflower scrubbies.
I do think they're pretty and will come in handy for gifts. Who wouldn't like a fun bit of colour in the kitchen to ease the drudgery of pot scrubbing?
Dish cloths are pretty and practical too. They make great hostess gifts.
This week for a change of pace, I started a baby bobble blanket when I found two large partly used balls of pale yellow Bernat Handicrafter cotton. I might have to buy another ball to finish but I'm hoping it won't be necessary. I provided links and notes for the blanket pattern in this post for crafters who might like to make one too.
This blanket is providing a welcome break from dishcloths. I'm back to loving the process. I think I'll use orange to frame the blanket in single crochet then creamscicle for the double crochet ruffle around the outside and I promise to post a photo when it's finished. 

Crochet creations must remain fun to get done... meo my crochet contemplation slogan.

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