Friday, 23 March 2018

Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf

I recently finished a Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf using yarn from my stash. There are no ball bands on my stash, so I am guessing the brown yarn is wool and the grey and cream yarns are an acrylic wool blend. I picked this yarn based on weight as it's lightweight fingering yarn perfect for practicing the puff stitch using a 3.75 mm crochet hook. 

Why practice puff stitch? 

Well because I want to crochet this free pattern for a Heart Baby Blanket of course. It's for my niece who is having a baby this summer. The bulk of the blanket is done in puff stitch using lightweight fingering yarn and a 3.75 mm hook. This scarf is basically a simplified version of the blanket. It incorporates all but the border and the colour changes required to make a heart shape in the middle. I think the puff stitch looks and 'feels' amazing with its soft squishy texture. 
The photo above shows a closeup view of the puff stitch. The photo below shows the Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf stretched out - 29" long (58" circumference) by 4" wide.
This scarf is long enough to loop comfortably around my neck twice.
I have included instructions for the crocheters out there who might like to make their very own Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf.

Puff Stitch Infinity Scarf

Follow instructions for Puff Stitch Blanket found here.

Lightweight fingering yarn
Hook size = 3.75 mm

Starting chain 23
Row 1 - 10 puff stitches
Row 2 - 9 puff stitches 
Alternating rows of 10 and 9 puff stitches

Brown yarn - 85 rows
Grey yarn - 26 rows
Off white yarn - 47 rows
Total - 158 rows (even number for joining)
Finish off leaving a long tail to stitch last row to beginning row.

Note: The pattern calls for a starting chain number multiple of four. I used a multiple of four less one because I made the first puff stitch in the fourth chain from hook instead of fifth. Also I crocheted three chains at the beginning of each row instead of four. I found this made neater edges.

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