Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Special Surprise

Our grandchildren arrive Saturday from Boulder. They will be staying for a week. As a Special Surprise, we set up a tent in our gym where they will be sleeping. I can't wait to see the looks on their faces when they see it.

It is a large family size tent with a double mattress for our grandson plus a single size foam pad for our granddaughter. There are two cozy sleeping bags and colourful warm blankets in case it gets chilly at night. 

The front door is currently tied open, but can be zipped shut for privacy.
The back window can be zipped open to form another door.
A basket of books, a bear and their favourite stuffies (little brown puppy and green chameleon) sit ready and waiting for story time and cuddles.
All the doll things sit in one corner nice and tidy for now.
The dolls have been dressed and their extra outfits washed and folded ready for play time. Our granddaughter loves all things "Doll".
The Lego and toy cars sit in bins in the opposite corner patiently awaiting release. Our grandson loves all things "Lego". They both like all the toys.
I even have enough space left to exercise if I feel like it.
Usually my daughter and her family stay in our basement suite. There is a bedroom, a bathroom and an open area with a sofa bed plus enough floor space for a sleeping pad. 

Now that they have a third baby, they asked to stay upstairs where there is a queen size bed (big enough to fit the baby if necessary) plus a separate room for the older two so they won't be disturbed if when the baby cries. I hope my daughter and her husband are comfortable enough on our son's old queen size mattress.

The last time they visited we bought a new more comfortable mattress for the bed in the basement and moved the old mattress up to our gym as a spare. It fits perfectly in the tent alongside a smaller padded exercise mat. Our grandchildren should be quite comfy and cozy.  

I expect our son and his dog will be quite comfy too on the nice new mattress in the basement. 

Setting up the tent was a genius idea. I am as excited as I imagine our grandchildren will be. Hush ... don't say a word. It's a Special Surprise for our grandchildren.

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  1. The cat has been enjoying the cosy tent so far.

    1. Yes - I had to close the door and clean up her fur. She knows a sweet spot to sleep when she sees it.

  2. I'm sure everyone will be very comfortable.