Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Road Trip Champions

Our son and his girlfriend drove from Guelph to Boulder (2,400 km) all in one go. They drove through the night arriving in time for a late dinner less than 24 hours later. They sent us this picture at the end of their road trip yesterday ... still smiling. They are truly Road Trip Champions.
Having done this drive twice ourselves with stops to sleep, we were impressed with their stamina. They left Guelph after our son's class getting to London by 11 p.m. By the time they switched vehicles, loaded their route in the Garmin and were ready to go, it was 11:30 p.m. They planned to drive through the night only resting if absolutely necessary. They promised to send us updates through G+ group chat when they stopped. As we waved goodbye, I tried not to worry. 

We got this message just before lunch "Still alive ... Somewhere in Northern California ... See you tomorrow". Our son likes to tease. As my husband reasoned, all must be well if he is joking. 

Four hours later, we got this message "I slept for an hour while Jules drove then I took over again. Were almost at Riverside now, whats your address?" Still joking, but obviously "still alive". 

My response "stop that - where are you really - must be past Lincoln by now. how's the traffic? course like your dad said - you must be doing fine if you're making jokes". 

His response "Lexington. No traffic, we chose a good time to go. Michigan was f**ked up in so many ways, cant imagine doing it in traffic."

They arrived at 9 p.m. (7 p.m. Boulder time) and sent this message "Were on your porch and I'm gonna pee on your chickens". Ha, ha - nobody was home as they had gone out for dinner and to get pizza for their guests.

My reply "Yay you made it ... stellar time. u2 are just a bit crazy and probably A LOT tired."

My husband added "world record".

Then I wrote "Have fun and get some rest you crazy kids."

Our daughter arrived home a few minutes later and sent a photo along with this message "They also found two baby deer and a mama deer in our front yard. We haven't seen tiny babies before." 
Our granddaughter was happy to introduce her chickens to her Uncle. 

It looks like they will have a fabulous week in Boulder hanging out and visiting local attractions. I hope to hear all about it when they get back.

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