Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Skiing Blue Mountain

When my husband suggested we book a weekend at Blue Mountain to ski, I was excited and a little bit scared. I had not skied in about 14 years. I wondered if I would remember how. People said it was like riding a bike ... as in you never forget. I hoped that was true.

After a couple weeks of mild temperatures and rain, I worried there might not be enough snow at Blue Mountain. Luckily, it turned cold and snowed a couple days before our trip. We drove through whiteouts for a portion of our drive, but managed to get there safely. We parked outside and walked to the "Village" for lunch.
I had never visited Blue Mountain Village. It is picturesque with plenty of restaurants, cafes and trendy shops. I was impressed. I was also freezing. We had picked a day with frigid cold temperatures and wicked winds making it feel even colder.
After lunch, we headed to the Mosaic to check-in. We were scheduled to get our room by 4 p.m. We were hoping to get it earlier, so we could change in comfort. They would call when our room was ready. We moved our very dirty car to underground parking to get out of the cold. Before changing into ski gear, we got the call. Our room was ready. We decided to unpack before skiing. 
To be honest, I was in no rush. Now that I was at the slopes, I was truly terrified. Lunch was delicious. Shopping was fun. I was looking forward to dinner, but skiing? Those hills looked so big and chairlifts so fast. What was I thinking going skiing after so many years?

I struggled into my gear. Almost everything felt tight and uncomfortable. My snow pants bought over 15 years ago were a size too small. I undid the buttons to breath a little easier. Just getting my ski boots on was a workout. At least my helmet and new ski goggles were comfortable. The goggles kept my face warm and vision clear - so happy I got them. 

It was 2 p.m. by the time we were dressed and ready to ski. We made our way to the nearest chairlift - the Silver Bullet. I planned to ski Happy Valley, an easy run to start. I was visibly shaking with nervous energy. 

After the first run, I relaxed. We skied Happy Valley a couple more times to build my confidence, then skied most of the blue and green runs. I had fun even though it was bitterly cold with icy patches on the hills. 
We skied for two hours (12 runs) before my legs were done. Surprisingly my husband stayed with me the whole time. When he suggested we stop for a rest and a snack, I readily agreed. It felt really, really good to release those boot buckles.
We got a hot drink and returned to our room to relax. After a warm bath and a nap, my husband was ready to ski again. I chose to stay in and read. When he got back, I almost regretted my decision. The wind had died down (not so cold), the hills had been groomed (not so icy) and many of the skiers had gone (not so crowded). 

My husband enjoyed skiing faster. He fit in as many runs in an hour as we had done in two. He tells me skiing faster is less tiring. I was happy I skied slowly and carefully this time. Maybe next year, I'll work on more speed. 
I am not particularly brave or daring, but I like doing stuff that scares me once in a while. It keeps life interesting and fun. Skiing Blue Mountain was definitely outside my comfort zone. I was scared, but did it anyway. Now I can hardly wait to go again next year. 

Thanks to my husband for suggesting such a great getaway.

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed the weekend and Sadie enjoyed staying with us.

    1. Yes and thanks for taking care of her so we could get away.

  2. Looks like a great place to visit - hopefully it will not be so cold next time.....