Sunday, 19 February 2017

Cleaning or Biking?

We got home from a 3-week vacation in Cuba Thursday at 3 a.m., slept for a bit then spent the afternoon unpacking, doing laundry and restocking the fridge. Friday we returned to work. 

Our son came home with his lab pup Friday night. Since his pup sheds throughout the house, I decided to put off cleaning until after his visit. He returned to Guelph this morning. Instead of cleaning, I spent the morning sorting through our Cuba photos. By noon I was ready for a change of pace. I thought about cleaning, then I thought about biking. 
Cleaning or Biking? Our house needs cleaning. Biking beats cleaning. Cleaning can wait. I thoroughly enjoyed riding the Delaware Loop (easy 35 km route) on my old Rocky Mountain Blizzard. I think we should take our road bikes and ride even further tomorrow. Yep, cleaning can wait.

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  1. Biking, hiking, almost anything but cleaning! Welcome home. So glad that you and Lee enjoyed another lovely trip.

  2. Good decision cleaning can always wait, life is to be enjoyed.