Monday, 8 August 2016

Lifting Dumbbells

We bought a set of dumbbells at Costco on Saturday. It was a good deal at $229 for 200 lbs total (2-10 lbs, 2-15 lbs, 2-20 lbs, 2-25 lbs and 2-30 lbs) including a somewhat sturdy rack. Excited to get started, I assembled the rack as soon as we got home. I love how it looks in our gym.

I have been thinking about adding some sort of weight training to my routine. OK, to be honest, I don't actually have a routine. I ride my bike to work, sometimes ride a bit further on weekends, walk the dog, sit on the floor (you can read about that here) and practise handstands. I finally feel strong enough to work at getting stronger.

These dumbbells are perfect. I am starting sensibly with the lowest weights and watching videos on how to avoid injury, so far so good. Getting stronger lifting dumbbells will be fun. 
I love how our poodle watches from her comfy cozy bed ... adorable.

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  1. Perhaps we can borrow the 30 lb ones! Although I think Sadie has the right idea....

  2. Good luck and don't hurt your shoulders.