Monday, 9 May 2016

The New Place

We helped our son move into a new place in Guelph a couple weeks ago. He is now living in a three bedroom townhouse condo with two friends. I wrote about the move here, but neglected to take many photos.   

My husband and son registered with a friend and his son to ride the Fox Epic 8 Hour Relay at Mansfield on Saturday. Guelph is much closer to Mansfield than London, so we stayed over at the new place Friday night. I took a few photos Saturday morning before heading out. 

Our son is happy with his new blackout grey curtains. They block the light and coordinate nicely with his bed linens - a much better choice than purple and black sheer drapes. 
I like the fun shower curtain his friends bought for their bathroom. 
On the main floor, there is a two-piece bathroom and a coat closet to the left of the stairs. The door to the garage is across from the stairs. The hallway leads into an open concept kitchen/living room/dining room.

With simple furnishings, it seems quite spacious. To the right of those boxes is the door to an unfinished basement with a front-load washer and dryer.

There is a small deck out back which overlooks a children's play park. 
The New Place is really very nice. I am happy to see them comfortably settled for another year in Guelph.

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  1. Great place - they should be very comfortable there.

  2. Looks nice and I think three people sharing a living space is better than six.