Saturday, 26 December 2015

Our Christmas

Our Christmas focused on family traditions and food. It was as wonderful as always, although we did miss family who could not join us this year. 

My husband's brother and his wife are traveling on a 4-week Asian Adventure. We've been entertained with their Facebook updates and photos from their travels, but we missed them at our family festivities this year. Their daughter (our niece) celebrated Christmas with her boyfriend's family near Goderich, so we missed her as well.

Our daughter and her family are starting their own Christmas traditions in Boulder, CO. They had their turkey dinner Christmas Eve. On Christmas day they opened gifts then ate home-made cinnamon buns for breakfast. For dinner, they ordered Chinese takeout, allowing lots of time to relax and enjoy the day with their kids. We miss them, but completely understand how difficult it is to get together when they live so far away.

Our Christmas started with my parents joining us for coffee and gifts around 10 a.m. (much later than when the kids were little). Our gifts adorned a table in our dining room this year, since we didn't put up a tree. It was suitably colourful and festive. My parents brought a gift for our dog who was very excited. She loved her new squeaky stuffy.
They also bought a fun gift for our son. A beer glass with the words:

And what to my
Should appear,
But a big bag of
And a six-pack of

Then they brought out the chips and beer. He loved it. 
More gifts were unwrapped. Everybody made fun of me for picking up the paper as the gifts were opened. I don't seem to be able to leave paper clutter, but everybody is used to my weirdness, so we laughed.
Our son tried out his antique wooden juggling pins catching on quickly.
After gifts, my parents went home. We walked to the Sifton Bog. The record-breaking mild weather was such a change from last year.
We were so pleased to see a couple of Santa's reindeer across the pond. 
Father and Son with Son finally taller than his Father.
Mother and Son with Son demonstrating his strength.
 We enjoyed walking in the Sifton Bog with all it's cool sights.
Back at the house, my husband did something in the garage involving his Audi TT and spark plugs. It kept him busy all afternoon, while I prepared our traditional turkey dinner.
Drinks, snacks and more gifts before dinner.
The table (smaller than usual) set and ready for the festivities.
We started with our Christmas Crackers. Lots of laughs, lots of food and good times with family. We thoroughly enjoyed Our Christmas.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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  1. It looks like a fun Christmas, Beth! It's so interesting to see everyone go through different ages and stages.

    1. Yes and Christmas celebrations keeps evolving to keep up with those changes.

  2. It was a lovely Christmas and a great dinner Beth. Love you.