Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ten Owls Total

I finally finished the last of my Bernat Handicrafter cotton yarn stash. My stash was bigger than I thought. I had enough to make dish cloths and coasters all summer long. Enough that I was running out of enthusiasm way before running out of yarn.

Seeking a change, I decided to make a few Cat Bum Coasters. Even though my main goal with crochet this year has been to make things from yarn I have on hand, I did buy a bit extra in 'cat' colours. It was totally worth the splurge. I was able to make eight Cat Bum Coasters which is plenty, plus add more colours to my stash for my next project - Crochet Owls. It was so much fun making owls, I decided to keep on until I ran out of yarn.

In the end, I made Ten Owls Total. I only have four left to show because four went to my daughter in Boulder, one to Mississauga and one to Woodstock. These sweet little owls make great gifts.
When they are not lining up for photos, they like to hang out in our decorative branches by the window. It's a perfect perch for owls.
If you would like to make one too, check out my Fall Crochet post for the pattern link and instructions.
As you can see, there was very little yarn left in the end. Now I can return to making more versions of my Boo Bear and work on using up my acrylic yarn stash. There is plenty to carry me through the rest of this year and well into next. I wonder how long it will be before I purchase more yarn?

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