Friday, 19 September 2014

Back To Crochet

Over the summer, my crochet efforts have been focused on crochet dishcloths and flower scrubbies as described in this postAlthough useful for using up Bernat Handicrafter Cotton yarn stash and accumulating a pile of hostess gifts, this sort of crochet is not particularly exciting or engaging. 
I took a mini break from dishcloths to crochet a bobble baby blanket in July. I must admit it was a welcome relief. You can read all about the creamsicle banana pop baby blanket here. I was happy to use up more of my stash and loved the finished look. 
Happily this blanket found a new home with my cousin's daughter who had a baby boy in August. It was so nice visiting this week, cuddling her adorable little boy and presenting them with this hand-made gift. Hand-made gifts are always appreciated as fewer people have the time or interest to learn to crochet. 

Once I finished the blanket I thought I might make a monkey in white and dark grey. I love making toys so I crocheted an ear and there it sat for almost 8 weeks while I carried on making dishcloths in between writing blog posts and generally enjoying my summer. 
I love writing and really enjoyed covering Motivation as a theme for August and starting September with a party reuniting friends from my Grade 8 Graduating Class of '77. 

Life at home over the past couple months has been wonderful overall yet I have not been able to settle on any interesting crochet projects. I wonder if it might have something to do with our son moving away to University? I wrote about that here. It was a change I was looking forward to and dreading all at once. I do miss him and would love to hear how he is doing but he is not good at keeping in touch. 

Yes, I know he is a teenage boy. Yes, I know it's not considered cool to keep Mom in the loop. And yes, I know it's totally normal and necessary to grow up and seek independence. It's hard but I am doing my best to be respectful and let him be. I hope he appreciates how difficult that is for me. And yes, that is a little dig as he mentioned he might read my posts while he is away from home.  

Anyway, now that he is settled at University and I've gotten used to the quiet and things are somewhat in order at home, I'm ready to get Back To Crochet. This week I made good progress on the monkey started 8 long weeks ago. I've completed both ears, the head, body, legs and one arm. I have to make an arm and a tail plus add the face before putting it all together. You can find the free pattern here if you would like to make one too.
I haven't decided if I might add shorts and a vest. I'll be sure to post a photo of the finished monkey along with instructions for clothes if I do.

I think I have a good selection of crochet toys for our grandchildren to choose from when they visit for Thanksgiving which is only three weeks away. I can hardly wait to see them all again. So far I have Bunny, Paddington Bear, Sweetie Bear (pink dress), Betty Bear (blue dress), Monica Mouse and Grey Monkey (to be done soon). It will be interesting to see which ones our grandchildren pick.
In anticipation of their visit, we are also painting the basement to make the guest suite super special. Once the painting is done, the carpets will be cleaned so it's suitable for crawling babies. We plan to move in a comfy couch and set up a play area outside their bedroom. 

Last year, we pitched a tent and decorated it with festive lights for our grandson. He had fun sleeping in a tent but I think the new decor will be even better and much safer for our little granddaughter. I'll be sure to share photos once we're done.
I'm so very happy to be Back To Crochet. Once the monkey is finished, I have plans to make a crib-size stripey ripple blanket incorporating this assortment of fine (#3) yarns. I love this mix of colours. 
When I read this post by Lucy at Attic24 covering her "Coast Ripple blanket :: ta-dah", I couldn't help but get excited about making one myself. Lucy has a talent for joyfully describing her life and projects. I love reading her posts and always feel happier after visiting her site. Lucy's work and colour choices are bright, beautiful and full of fun. You're in for a treat when you check out what's happening at Attic24.

Who knows, you just might be tempted to get Back To Crochet too. 

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  1. As your #1 fan, I get to say "first" to comment. I'm sure Mavid and Evie will be excited about getting to pick their choice of toy.

    1. I always love comments from my #1 fan. Our daughter tells me Mavid is most excited about seeing the creepy cackling witch we have out in October. When asked where he would prefer to live between CO, Brazil and Canada, he picked Canada cuz of the witch that lives there and he didn't mean me ;>)

  2. I love reading your blog Beth and I am sure your grandchildren will enjoy picking out toys you have made. I was very lucky to be able to spend time with my grandchildren when they were little because I knew that when they grew up they would have lives of there own.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Our kids are lucky to have good memories of time spent with grandparents and they love returning to visit. It's great we live near each other so they can see us all in one trip.