Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Crochet

This year I would like to share Easter crochet I made over the past two years.

In 2012 I wanted to send something special to our Grandson in California for Easter. I decided to make a bunny with a floppy yellow hat which could double as an Easter basket along with six eggs for hiding. He loved it and still enjoys hide and seek with the eggs. 
My daughter sent this photo of our Grandson hunting for eggs at Easter. Isn't he cute? I loved that he enjoyed the gift and had fun with it. 

For fellow crocheters who might be interested, the bunny pattern can be found here. I made the hat using the hat pattern from Paddington Bear by blogger Yellow, Pink and Sparkly here and the eggs were made using this pattern by blogger Greedy For Colour. All of these patterns are free and provide easy to follow instructions. 

In 2013, our daughter moved to Boulder, Colorado. I decided to send three little chicks in eggs as an Easter surprise for our Grandson. I used this pattern to make the eggs and shells but added wings and copied the face style found in this photo on Pinterest. I also joined the shells with a couple slip stitches so they would stay together as one piece. I took this photo before mailing them off to Boulder. 
I loved the way they turned out and was thrilled when my daughter sent me this video of our Grandson receiving his gift. It makes me smile when I watch it. He is so cute and I love to see how much he has changed in the past year.
This year I decided to keep the decorating simple and use what I already have on hand. Pom-poms were the only new addition. I know I've shared most of these photos over the past few posts but thought it might be nice to show them all in one place.
I love Easter and am looking forward to a delicious Easter dinner at my parents' house with our family. There will be 11 of us this year. We will miss our daughter and her family as they are too far away to join us. I did not send crochet Easter treats to Boulder this year but am busy gathering things to send with my parents when they drive to Boulder to visit in May. I'll have to take pictures of the pile before they leave. I'm sure it will fill their vehicle.

This year our Grandson will be playing with real live chicks at Easter. I don't think crochet creations can compete with that. You can read all about it on our daughter's website Sweet Maple Photography and blog here. I spent lots of time on my grandparents' farm as a kid so I'm glad our grandchildren get to experience a bit of farm fun too.

Happy Easter Everybody!


  1. The eggs are so colourful - love the video of Mavid - he has really changed during the year - so much more grown up.

    1. I love it too. It took a bit of time to find it but I'm glad I did.

  2. So cute! You're a marvel with that crochet hook.

  3. I'm back here because I need to enter a code for google -

    1. Ok, let me know if you're having trouble with it.